July 15, 2019



Thinking about a career change? Thinking of starting something new? Finished high school and don’t want to go to a traditional college.

Think about going to Cosmetology School. Going to Cosmetology School is more than “just doing hair”. Did you know you have to learn the Chemistry of Color, Perms, Relaxers, Shampoos, and many other products? Did you know you have to learn Anatomy so you can see how good a haircut is going to look based on a person’s facial bones? I bet you didn’t know that many times a “box color” from your local drugstore or grocery store contains chemicals that can damage your hair or even turn it green!!!

If this is something you care to learn more about, then why not go to Cosmetology School and find out why someone’s hair turned green when you didn’t mean for it to. Don’t let those around you tell you that you should not do something you love and are passionate about.

Visit Advance Beauty College today at advancebeautywentzville.com and see what we can do for you. Make today count and make it about you!!!

Gina Kinion


Financial Aid Available for Those Who Qualify

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Financial Aid

Advance Beauty College offers financial aid in the form of Pell Grants and Direct Loans to students who qualify.

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Cosmetology 1500 Clock Hours
Instructor Training 600 Clock Hours

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We offer a unique approach to educating our students. We combine traditional classroom work with hands-on training.

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