September 14, 2016

A Glimpse into the World of Cosmetology

Hi friends!

Today I want to give you just a small glimpse into the world of Cosmetology. After all, many people see this industry just on the surface when it is really very in-depth. For example, did you know that during the duration of cosmetology school you will learn everything from the basic degrees of a haircut up to the PH balance of the hair strand and the chemicals used to give us our target hair color? A lot of learning comes from hands-on experience. Most of the training in the beginning happens on mannequins, so if you make any errors the mannequin won’t get mad! LOL! We learn about the origin of cosmetology dating back to ancient Egypt all the way up to the ever changing trends of todays’ society. ! We also can go to extra educational classes where we continue to expand our knowledge and skills on Coloring, Cutting, Manicuring and much more. But most importantly we have FUN! Getting to see a clients’ reaction when they absolutely LOVE their new vibrant red hair color, their bright pink nails or the feeling of their skin after a facial is the best! Case in point, there are so many amazing things about this industry, and as I said, this is just a glimpse into “our world”. I plan to share more with you in the future and to have some fun “how-to” tutorials!
Yours truly ~ Beauty Is Our Duty ~

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